Simply send us your digital photos and we'll send you your fun film - it's that easy!

You supply your photos on a USB stick or CD and choose a movie theme, then we do the rest. We include opening and closing scenes, special effects and music to create a fast-paced film to be shown to family and friends at events, such as a birthday party, wedding, anniversary or retirement party.

Your fotofilm will be the talk of your event. Everyone will enjoy seeing you on the big screen, and you will have fun watching your guests faces light up and hearing their comments.

Why not give a unique and everlasting gift of a fotofilm to your friend or family member for their next birthday present?

A fotofilm is supplied on DVD or can be uploaded to Youtube. For an additional charge we can scan original photos, add video clips, narration and captions.

Pick up the phone today and call fotofilm on 01223 850167
to place an order for your next event or as a surprise gift.

It was lovely to see our guests standing together similing and laughing at our fotofilm. A highlight of the evening.
Penny, Cambridge